Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freedom Festival 2010

Sunday, the 4th we went over to our Aunt & Uncles house for a bbq & to hang out. We love spending time with them. I slacked off on camera duty that day! So theres only one picture of us.
Pax & I on 4th of July... right before he went to bed!

Just like last year, Provo city puts on a little festival downtown! Since the 4th was on a Sunday this year, we went on Saturday the 3rd to the festival. They have all kinds of booths, food, & entertainment! Not to mention its a nice little exercise! Last year we fell IN LOVE with a booth that sold these AMAZING drinks! So we couldnt wait to go back & get another one! Whelp, we couldnt figure out why ours was a diferent color & why it wasnt as good as the year before... well we think the lady gave us a sugar free one... boo haha. So now we are excited to go back next year!
Me and Paxton posing for a picture on the sidewalk
Paxton's first 4th of July!
Marc & his cotton candy
Paxton just hanging out in his stroller
Marc & Paxton
Me & Pax posing for a picture! (Paxton not so much haha)

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