Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ferron 2010

We LOVE Ferron, Utah. Im so glad that our family & friends vacation there. Its close to us & its SO beautiful! We headed up to Ferron on the 24th of June & stayed till the 29th! I wasnt able to go on any rides because some of the trails are pretty vigorous & i still havent been cleared. So Paxton and i stayed back in our trailer & hung out. Some nights my mom took Paxton for us to let us catch up on some sleep & boy was it nice!! The mosquitos werent as bad this year as they were last year but they still suck! I hate those things! Anywho, it was nice to spend time with friends and family up there.

Family photo in Ferron
Me, Chels & Paxton
Mima & Paxton
Marc, Paxton & I right before we left Ferron
My family on the "seaking" getting my lipgloss that fell in!!
Me shooting my dads rifle
Sis, Pax & i pretending we're on the Lion King.. haha
Papa letting Pax suck on his nose! Comical! haha
Chels with her mosquito net & me with our hot pink rifle!

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