Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marc's New Obsession

Allow me to introduce Shift.... Marc's ropefish. Isnt it sick! It can grow 16 inches long and can maneuver its way out of the tank!! YA.. scary right. Well it can also live 4 hours out of the water. Hopefully it wont make its way to our bedroom. Its pretty much like a snake and an eel mixed together. It bites and has barbs on its tail... whats not to love right??!!

We found this bad boy at walmart and since Marc layed eyes on it, he has been dreaming of it at night. Lame huh. haha. So we talked to the old man that runs the fish department and he gave us all kinds of information on it and informed us that one day he came into work and found one of the ropefish in the auto department... which meant, they get out of their tanks. i kept saying, no way will we ever get that!! The old man then begins to talk about his wife and their animals and let me tell you, he had some funny stories. i just love old people :) so then.... after we kept going back on forth to get it or not to get it.. the old man was all, id love to know who wins this battle... Well, a few days later we were back, i saw the old man and i put my head down. haha.


  1. yeah i love you guys but i am deadly afraid of snakes or anything resembling them..so its been real. I'll never be a visitor in your home again. Marc I'm glad you got the pet of your dreams though.

  2. HEATHER! That's the scariest thing ever!! Now I'm afraid to go to Walmart!! I'm going to be nervous of running into one of those things somewhere unexpected!! Ahhh!! I hope Rick or Van doesn't want one of those any time soon!! Creepy! You're a cool wife!!

  3. HAHA thanks. I try to be a cool wife. Worst part about it is that my fish had to downgrade on its 10 gallon tank to a little betta bowl and my fish HATES bowls. I knew my fish was going to die and Marc knew it but he still wanted this thing. i was right. my fish died :( And heather, you HAVE to come play. that way, if it gets us, we'll be together haha.