Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recap Of California

Here are some pictures throughout our trip in California. A few deserved their own post! And of course a lot was not captured on camera. It was fun to be there. Pax was awesome on the drive there and back!!
Pax starting to stand
Pax & Jessica
Sammi & Pax playing in the bath
He loved this cup
AJ & Paxton playing
So cute right?!
Watching them play is so darn fun!
Paxton got so good crawling because he would chase Mr. Sniffers around the house
Pax in the action
Paxton had an obsession with Mr. Sniffers' tail
We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant. The Mexico Cafe....
and Paxton sat in a highchair for the first time!
Grammy & Pax
Me & Pax
Cousin Katrina
Sammi & Paxton
Cousin Mark & Pax posing for a pic during Superbowl
Pax also has an obsession with my hoodie string
Haha sneaky.

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