Sunday, December 19, 2010

Temple Square Lights

My mom and sister stopped in Utah to spend the night with us before they ventured to Colorado to spend christmas there. It was so nice to have them. We went and walked around Temple Square since they both have never seen it at christmas.

Family picture
Grammy and Pax
Sam & Pax
Our family picture
Waiting for the nativity to play
Grammy and Pax
Us in front of the temple
Then we came back to our house and opened presents! I got a 5.5 qt black kitchenaid!!!! Its a beauty. Marc got a 750 g external hardrive, Pax got clothes, handmade pillow & blanket and some fun little toys. We got Sammi a few dvds, and my mom 2 dvds, almond roca (Costco size), redvines, & some downeast shirts. Later my mom and i talked till 3am. Love that woman. Then we all got up and headed our different ways. Us towards California, them towards Colorado.
Paxton opening a present from Sammi
Pax & his 1st Christmas bear
The pillow & blanket my mom made for Pax
Sam & Pax opening another present
Pax relaxing

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