Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Where do i even begin to express the gratitude i have for my dad??!! Well, a lot of you know that he's my "stepdad", but i beg to differ. He's been that male role in my life that has been there for me when ive been at my best and my worst. He's done SO much for me that the phrase "thank you" can never be said enough. He's kept me grounded.... in some ways! He's one of the BEST things that has happened in my life. And to prove how AMAZING he is, keep reading!

He provided me with the BEST wedding ever AND didnt mind me stepping on his toes when we danced the daddy/daughter dance!
He married my mom & it was the BEST decision he made!
He likes to add his input on what i should do in pictures but he cant avoid being out of the lense!!
He is the BEST grandpa ever!! He loves his little Paxton SCOTT, who i named after him!

He always looks better in a picture then most of us!!
He loves my friends..... now!!
He's by my side when i go through important things in life & is there to give me fathers blessings!
He loved me when i wore WAY too much makeup!
He's a better James Bond then Pierce Brosnan! Although i enjoy drooling over Pierce, cant drool over my dad. That would make me one sick ticket!
He loves the clothes i pick out for him or pretends too!
He taught me how to ride a quad & how getting dusty on a LONG ride is cool!
He is there to keep me warm when i freeze... ALL the time.
He is the BEST dad i couldve EVER asked for!

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